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What is the Vape Club?

Vape Club is an E-liquid Subscription service designed to give you variety in your vaping tastes. It's the perfect solution for those people who can't decide what they might like, but who know they want high quality, flavoursome and perhaps most importantly, safe e-liquids.  Think of it as a Personal Shopping service for vapers!  We think that this will be the future of e-liquid tasting - it's a model that already works well in the US as it introduces vapers to a variety of tastes they may not otherwise have come across, thereby expanding their world of vaping.  It's also great for vapers who can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of products out there, and for those who simply find the process of constantly reordering a bit of a hassle!

We've initially selected 2 of our high end e-liquid brands, Red Vape and Vype, to ensure consistency of quality, although we are intending to roll out additional brands over time including our own Electronic Puff e-liquids. Once you've selected your favourite brand then it's just a case of deciding the quantity you would like per month and in the case of Vype, the strength profile of the liquids.  We'll then send you a selection of e-liquids on a monthly basis, so you never run out!

No more trips to the shops, no cheap and nasty liquids - just high quality vapes delivered to your door every month.

See the Vape Club options now or for more information please contact us